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MEET THE January EXPERT: Talking Self Care Mindset with Olivia Edwards

Self Care Mindset with Positive Parenting Coach

Self Care Mindset with Olivia Edwards

This month, we have mindset coach Olivia Edwards joining us. Olivia helps women make positive changes towards living a happier more successful life. Trained in Positive Psychology, she is also a certified happiness coach.

How did you get into mindset work, what is your story? 

I have always been fascinated by people and what makes them behave and react to situations differently but my real interest in Mindset started when I developed Post Natal Depression after having my first child. My previous job was as an Assistant Educational Psychologist and I have a background in child development and psychology, so I felt there was an expectation that I would breeze through parenthood. For me what I found hard was balancing everything my daughter needed whilst loosing a sense of who I was outside of being a Mum. I didn’t know how to let go of the life I had before, was I meant to, how did people do that and be ok with it?! Those were all questions that lead to me really digging deep and doing a lot of work on my own mindset and wellbeing. This completely changed my life and resulted in me not only having a completely different mindset but starting my own business and going on to have another child. 

Why is mindset so important when it comes to self care?

Your mind and body are connected and if you aren’t looking after them both and dedicating time and effort into replenishing your energy and developing growth you cannot possibly give to others or fulfil your potential. Self care is something that is starting to be more widely accepted but there is still a long way to go. It should be seen as necessary and not as a luxury and this perception is all to do with your mindset. If you can develop a positive self care mindset you can ensure your mind and body are kept full, just like when you fill your car with petrol or charge your phone. We wouldn’t hesitate to refuel these things in order to achieve maximum performance and eliminate burnout, we need to give the same perspective and importance to ourselves. 

You are a certified happiness coach, how do you incorporate this into your coaching and why is happiness so important? 

Becoming a certified happiness coach was something I worked towards after having my daughter because during my PND I felt a real absence of happiness, even though to all those on the outside it seemed I had so much to be happy about. I wanted to understand the science and psychology behind our feelings of happiness so I could work on my own happiness and mindset in order to support others. The tools and information I learned on this course feed into my coaching as I work in a very holistic way and happiness is so personal to all of us. It’s linked to our intrinsic motivation and our purpose which are vital to understand if we want to achieve success and a sense of meaning (which ultimately leads to happiness). Happiness is described by Mo Gawdat as the absence of things that make you unhappy. He has dedicated a huge part of his life to understanding the equation to happiness and is someone I really admire and respect. Once you open your eyes to your own happiness and connect with that you can be unstoppable! 

What will you be discussing in the January workshop? 

In the ‘Developing a Self Care mindset workshop’, I will be sharing some more information with you on what self care really means and how you can develop a positive self care mindset to ensure your energy levels remain topped up and your vibes are high! There is no better time to commit to you and your personal growth so come along and learn exactly how and why you would want to prioritise your self care and how this can lead to success in life.

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