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November workshop: Understanding your angels Workshop with Sonali

Understanding Angels with Sonali

Understanding your angels with Sonali

The November workshop really excites me, I first heard of the powers of Archangel Micheal earlier this year and I use some of his prayers daily to help with protection, after sharing a few of these with our members, they requested an opportunity to learn more and then I saw the work of angel expert Sonali. This months workshop is called Understanding Your Angels and here is some background about our expert.

How did you get into angel work?

As a child, I was always intuitive and sensitive. I could feel and see things that other children couldn’t. In fact, I even recall seeing my grandfather (who’d died long before my birth) tucking me into bed at night. I was never afraid of the things and people I saw, because something inside told me that I was safe. As I went through life, I continually felt that I was being kept safe. On so many occasions I was whisked out of the path of danger by one means or another. I truly began to believe in my connection with another world when I was caught up in the 2004 Tsunami in the Maldives. An unknown man saved me… and yet no one could recall who he was or where he’d appeared from. Later, I came to understand that I’d yet again been visited by an angel.

What happened next?

A few years later, with the memory of my survival tucked away, I found myself burdened with the weight of anxiety, depression and constant ill health that I just couldn’t seem to get away from. My aunt, seeing my pain, asked if I’d tried crystal healing as she’d experienced incredible breakthroughs during her cancer treatment. I was open to anything and once more headed into the world of holistics. I was hooked. I rediscovered the angels, began to educate myself on holistic therapies and sought out training in Reiki Mastery, Angel practises and crystal healing. Before long I was passing the healing journey I’d experienced on to my friends and family, fuelled by my calling to change people’s lives as mine too had been altered. When my mother passed away in 2019, I returned to Enigma with renewed vigour. Like a phoenix from the ashes, I ploughed my grief into healing others. Through abundance coaching, Angel card reading and healing packages, I help people with anxiety, depression, chronic pain and many other life altering experiences.

What are angels?

Angels are heartbeats or messengers of God. They help us with the big and small things in life. They can help in life or death situations, but in smaller situations we should learn how to call upon them. As humans we have free will so they cannot help us in certain situations unless we ask them. We also have guardian angels who have been assigned to us from the birth of our soul, we can communicate with them and they can help us in almost any situation. We can also ask the angels to help others, as long as its for that person’s highest good.

What will the November workshop be about and what will you be teaching our members? 

In the Understanding your Angels workshop, I will be sharing the basics about the Angels, Archangels and Guardian Angels, how to see hear and speak to your Angels and meeting your Guardian Angel. I will also be going through the basics of which Archangel to call upon for what, which I will go through in more detail during the interactive Coaching Call.

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