September workshop – Being Vs doing – Taking care of your time & energy

Being Vs Doing – Taking care of your time & energy

This months expert is life coach Kruti Shah. She started her life coaching journey in summer 2020, she is certified from the Jay Shetty Certification School.

What is your background, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I started my life coaching journey in summer 2020 after working in the charity sector for roughly 5 years. My career background has been in the youth and education sector, which I really enjoyed and continues to be a keen interest of mine. I am also currently working as a civil servant in the UK government, and continue with my coaching activities alongside.

You call yourself a self-leadership & clarity coach, what does this mean? 

I have often felt that leadership has become a bit of a buzz word in society, and tends to focus more on corporate or executive leadership, political leadership, religious leadership etc. Little emphasis seemed to be placed on how individuals can develop personal/self-leadership to thrive in life. Through my coaching, I encourage clients to build reflective practices which encourages an enquiry of the self, including identifying your values and beliefs, their learning and communication style, and shifting perspectives that bring ease into their life. This helps them to show up more authentically with different people in their life, whether it is family, friends, or in a workplace setting, and that too without doubt or hesitation.This is the kind of work that excites me, and that I believe the world is in need of at present. It is an amazing feeling to witness the steady growth in people that I have worked with!

Can you share a story about how the work you have done has impacted a client? 

I worked with a client who was facing some challenges with her workplace environment as well a starting to think about what her forward career path is. We worked together for two months to uncover her motivations, draw out past experiences which have fuelled her and would want to attract more of in her career, as well as shed light on what specifically has been affecting her workplace relationships. Consequently, she was more able to communicate honestly with a colleague and put forward her concerns in a confident and unapologetic manner. Here is what she said about her experience of working with me: “Kruti really took the time to listen to my thoughts and reflections, which then helped me feel comfortable and confident enough to guide the direction of the sessions. She pushed me to really unpick my thought processes and patterns in a positive way which led to me making new realisations about the right next steps for me, or where behaviours and habits were unhealthy or unproductive.”

What will the workshop be about? What can our members expect to learn? 

It will be an interactive and practical workshop to help you define your relationship with your time and energy, and the value we place on it. It will also cover some goal setting which is necessary for the way you commit and feel motivated by something. You will leave with a visual takeaway that will guide you to manage your time and energy more meaningfully.

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