Meditation Course

The Wellbeing Meditation Bundle

In this course bundle, you will have access to 3 guided mindfulness meditations to take care of your general wellbeing:

1. Sleep Better Meditation Do you struggle to sleep or do you find you often wake up at night and can’t get back to sleep. This meditation will teach you how to incorporate space into your daily routine so you can sleep better.

2. Feel Good Meditation This meditation is for people who want understand more about their feelings. It includes a visualisation and positive affirmations aimed to help you shift your state from sad to happy, stuck to accepting. 

3. Self Love Meditation What does this buzz word self love mean and how can you love yourself more? This meditation is aimed to help you get to build a relationship with your soul and focus on the love you have within.


What’s included with each meditation?

It was important to give some extra guidance around the meditation and to help you raise your awareness and encourage you to do the work, so additionally, each meditation includes the below:

  • A lesson introduction which consists of a task that you need to complete to help with reflection and awareness

  • Instructions and guidelines around making the most of the meditation
  • The meditation for you to download and keep 

  • Post Meditation action steps and tips to ensure successful usage

Why should I buy this meditation? 

  • You want to learn to meditate or improve your practice
  • You struggle with sleep 
  • You find your mind racing with thoughts
  • You find it hard to stay present
  • You want to become more aware of how you are feeling deep down
  • You want to learn to love yourself 
  • You are ready to do some inner work and healing

You will have unlimited lifetime access to the course and can work through it in your own time. Please make a note of your log in details and return to it when you want to.

NB. This is an introductory price and will be increased at the end of June.