July Workshop: How to identify, manage & heal stress


This months expert Chintal helps “busy” women to manage stress, cultivate calm, improve their wellbeing and heal to
lead a healthier, happier and balanced life.

What is your background, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

By profession I’m an Occupational therapist within the NHS for over 15 years and have vast experience within different areas of physical and aspects mental health. I was born and raised in Mombasa Kenya and moved to the UK at the age of 12.

Just over 2 years ago, my life was very different: ill health, stress, burnout, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, constant hustling, juggling mum and work life all got a bit too much. The powerful question ” Who Am I” and ” What is my purpose?” was staring at me in my face- this was my reflection in the mirror. That day I set the intention and commitment to turn my life around, enough was enough. I embarked on my own journey of self discovery, healing
and managing stress.

During the pandemic in 2020, I qualified and certified as a life coach, Reiki practitioner and Mindfulness and Meditation teacher.

How has the holistic approach to stress management helped you on your journey? 

Being an OT, our profession is very holistic, what I realised was I was not adopting those principles. By implementing a holistic approach in my life i was able to understand more about myself, my beliefs and stressors. It helped me to understand how my illness was due to my life being out of balance- Physical, Mental, Spiritual. We all tend to work on a surface level and focus more on the outside. Infact it is the opposite we need to work on the inside, It helped me to reconnect to my spirituality and higher self, I learnt to let go of what was truly not serving me. I learnt how alot of the beliefs I had were not mine at all, it was what I say “handed to me” and over time I believed they were mine.

The holsitic approaches opened up so many new doors for me that were in alignmnet with who I truly am, step into my authentic self, step into self love and create healhy boundaries. I built resilience to navigate through challenging
situations and understand my emotions or behaviours. I feel at peace with myself and came off medications as was managing my health in a complete holistic way.

Why is it so important women learn to manage stress? 

Women juggle so many roles and duties, we manage homes, families, kids , work and everything else but put themselves at the bottom of the list. Stress management is vital for women as it helps them to navigate through challenges in life in a manageable way without burnout or overwhelm, they are able to make decisions that are heart led and be more responsive rather than reactive. It helps to build better relationships with themselves and
others around them. Women tend to be the pillar to all those around them and equally end up people pleasing, managing your stress helps you to create healthy boundaries as well.

Can you share a story about how the work you do has impacted one of your clients? 

Ahhh so many to share but one that stands out to me is a client who’s main focus was to obtain a specific goal. However, client was holding onto a lot of what had happened to her, very emotional and was struggling to understand it all. In our sessions we started to explore all areas of her life and did some deep inner level work. Initially she found it very uncomfortable but she was in a safe space and was guided throughout our time together. From lack of boundaries, constantly feeling tearful and upset, people pleasing, lack of self worth, confidence and me time she is now in a place where she has healthy boundaries in place for her personal and work life, navigating through challenges with resilience, responsive not Reactive, prioritises her self care time which is a non negotiable, improved her nutrition and physical activity, tapped into her hobbies she enjoyed as a child, most of all her relationships with her child, husband and parent has improved.

What will the workshop be about? What will you be teaching our members? 

The workshop is going to be about all of the following:
 What is stress and types of stress
 Impact of stress on our Mind, Body, Behaviours and Emotions
 Holistic approach to stress management

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