As part of the membership, members will receive a new workshop every month. Workshops are provided by experts in the emotional, spiritual and personal growth field. These workshops include a lesson and an actionable task. You can learn more about our experts here.

To help you experience what these workshops will look like, here is a taster I have created for you to understand what to expect. I hope it serves you! You will also be able to listen to a meditation, this one focusses especially on feeling good! If you love what you watch & hear, you can come join the group by following the link below!

Renu xxx

FREE Feel Good Meditation

Every Monday paid members of the project join a group meditation. Meditation is a brilliant way to connect with your higher self, it is also proven to help with stress and anxiety and I can personally say it has really helped me with my insomnia and to calm my mind. I wanted to give you all a little taste of what this meditation would sound like, so here is one for you to practice with.

Self Love Workshop


A workshop designed to help you understand what self love means and how can it be implemented into your daily life to increase your happiness & raise your self worth.

You will need a journal or notebook to take notes

Total investment of time will be 30 minutes.