May Workshop: Heal with the magical power of crystals

Heal with the magical power of crystals

The May workshop is all about crystals and will be run by Harjot Gabri. Harjot is a holistic coach, reiki crystal master teacher, mindful and meditation teacher and recently during the pandemic last year qualified as a rapid transformation therapist. She helps empower women to overcome their limiting beliefs, release those blocks, rewire and install new beliefs and support them on their body mind spirit journey so they can live and enjoy life in a more mindful and abundant flow.

Can you tell us a bit about you and your background?

My background is I was born and raised in Kenya in a small town kisumu. I moved to the UK in 1996 and started my career in the banking industry. i was very fortunate to have had a very successful career in management for 22 years until 2018 when i took redundancy. This came to me at a time i was not really feeling aligned  to the work i was doing as i always knew i had a higher purpose in life  and this was my awakening call. The universe gave me an opportunity of my dream of being my own boss and serving humanity with love, light  joy and abundance and thus my business ZenHtreasures was born. 

How did you begin your journey with crystals?

My journey with crystals started at a very young age of 7-8. I used to collect shiny rocks and draw on them, which interestingly when i did my reiki some of the stones i had painted as a kid had similar symbols as used in reiki.  I got my first crystal from my mum who on her first visit to India got me an Amethyst and a Clear Quartz. I felt so connected to them like they were my lost friends found. Their energy was like an armour to me and they helped me in every journey of my life. 

Why are crystals so important to our wellbeing?

Just like we take supplements, crystals are that physical connection to our human vibration and frequency. 
What is your favourite crystal and why?i have a few favorites but the Amethyst Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz are my go to’s. Its because i have a deep connection with them and they are my inner guidance friends.For Example the Amethyst is my meditation crystal. its helps me connect with my higher self and helps to balance my minds chit chat Rose Quartz keeps my heart space open and my self love connection

What will you be teaching our members during the workshop? 

At the workshop I will be teaching you what crystals are.  How to choose crystals. How they can help us in our everyday life. How to connect ,charge and cleanse them.  Introduction to crystal grids

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