About the project


Hi, I’m Renu, the founder of The Grow Me Project. I am a massive believer in self help and I have dipped in and out of personal growth, finally committing to it in January 2019. Consistently working on myself personally, spiritually and emotionally has helped me to manage the most challenging times of my life and now I want it to do the same for you! The Grow Me project is my passion project aimed at empowering every woman to help and lead themselves so they have all the tools they need to support themselves. I hope you enjoy being part of it as much as I have enjoyed creating it xxx

My Story

Follow the link below to read my story and my Inspiration behind starting The Grow Me Project.

About the project

The Grow Me Project started off as an idea, the purpose behind it was to create a safe place for women who wanted to help themselves Personal experience taught me a few things: you need to be consistent, you need direction, you need to try different things and you need someone to talk too along the way and this is exactly what The Grow Me Project has evolved into. The members club offers monthly workshops from experts in the personal, spiritual and emotional growth field, a private Facebook Group so you can connect and learn from others, videos, meditations, coaching calls for support and fortnightly check in calls to encourage accountability and to remind you that you are not on this path alone!

The Vision

The vision of The Grow Me Project is to empower every woman to help themselves by offering guidance, support and the tools to help them find fulfilment within.