The Project

Hi, I’m Renu…
Welcome to The Grow Me Project

Is this for you?

Are you looking for a safe space where you can be yourself?

Do you want to gather tools to help you navigate through challenges?

Do you want to start relying on yourself more, build resilience and strength within?

Are you looking for other women like you to connect with?

Do you want accountability to make sure you do the work?

What is The Grow Me Project?

This is a safe space where women can come to, to be their authentic true self without being judged. Monthly workshops provide the tools needed to build inner strength and resilience and there is always a friendly face ready to offer support. The Grow Me Project is for every woman who wants to grow as a person, who wants to learn, who wants to lead and empower themselves.

What’s on offer?

Immediate access to 7 workshops. A new one every month.

Private Facebook Group. A safe space where we all have each others backs!

Monthly Zoom Coaching Call with workshop experts

Biweekly Check In calls with me to keep you accountable and inspired

No contracts or long term commitments. Leave anytime if it no longer aligns with you

Investment in Yourself: Only £19.99 per month (Aren’t you worth it?)

Meet the experts

Come meet all our experts and learn more about the monthly workshops. You have unlimited access to all workshops when you join the membership.


A safe space to be yourself

Since joining the grow me project. I have felt like part of a community, where there is support for each other. A safe space to be yourself. A space where you can grow, connect with like minded people. I love the insights you share, very transparent & honest. I thoroughly enjoy the 2 weekly zoom calls where we check in with each other and talk through the tasks we were given, share insights. You share so much valuable content in the group that we can start applying straight away. Theres so much that you give its so incredible how you just share from your heart & want people to do well & grow. I am so grateful that you have created this platform for women, exactly what is needed right now. What you share & give in the group is priceless. Ever so grateful & appreciative for everything that you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


The enriching content is inspiring

Joining The Grow Me Project has been exactly what I’ve been looking for to feel more connected and on purpose. Renu is a breath of fresh air and the enriching content shared by her and the group is inspiring and inclusive. Having this community to drop into during a hectic schedule is just the perfect positivity boost needed (particularly during these socially distant times).


It’s been absolutely amazing so far

Joining the GMP meant I joined a community of likeminded strong females that are on an amazing journey of self growth, self love and self discovery. This community has allowed me to explore concepts that have helped me to deal with so many common everyday issues and just because of that, I feel like joining the GMP was so worth it! There’s so much we discuss and explore in our group and fortnightly catch ups, which means we are constantly learning- from Renu, and each other. Checking in with all the ladies is great because we are free to share our thoughts, opinions and support each other- without judgement. And then we have Renu! A great coach constantly sharing her wisdom and always seeking to grow herself to help us better understand and discuss issues we want to explore. It’s been absolutely amazing so far, as long as you put the work in, you will gain so, so much. Thank you, Renu for creating the safe space I knew I needed, but didn’t know where to find!