The Project

Growth starts from within!

Have you gone through a difficult point in your life or are you going through one now?

Are you feeling lost or unfulfilled?

Do you want to grow or do you feel there is more to life, more to you and more to the world?

Do you want to become the best version of yourself?

The Mission

To give all women who feel passionate about growth, a little lost, uninspired in what they are doing or stuck in life the tools, peer support and professional guidance to empower themselves to grow emotionally, spiritually and personally so they can feel be happier, more fulfilled and have the capacity to manage life’s up and down with a more balanced approach.

What’s on offer?

1 x Monthly Workshops

Private Facebook Group

Monthly Zoom Coaching Calls

Biweekly Check In LIVES

Investment: £14.99 per month


Follow the link below to learn more about joining the Members Club and beginning your personal growth journey. Membership only costs £14.99. Doors for membership close on 30th September and price will be increased!